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UPDATED June 20, 1999

** I GOT A MESSAGE SAYING THAT THE XOOM SITE IS HAVING SERVER TROUBLE. Thus, this Tripod site is now active until things get cleared up at Xoom. Also, I plan to keep this as a mirror site so that more people can access my breedz. Sorry for the inconvenience!
I NEED HELPERS!! If you would like to help me build this site click here.

Welcome! A couple years ago I put the Petz program on the computer in my Special Ed. classroom. My students loved it! Just for fun, I edited one of the dog breeds to look like my own pet Miniature Schnauzer, Nicholas. I really liked the challenge of making new breeds so I kept trying new ones. This website is the result! Many people, both young and old, have written me to request breeds that look like their own personal pets. So, just for the fun of it, here they are!! New dog and cat breedz (edited from the originals) that can be put into your Petz 3 computer program. I also have some unique adult crossbred dogs and cats that can be "adopted". I hope you find a cyberpet that looks like your own--if not, just email. I might be able to edit a breed that looks like yours. For a new computer pet, please click on one of the links below:

EDITED BREED FILES (non write-over)
**New pages under construction**

Write-Over Breed Files

Adoption Center

Edited Clothing

Information Booth

Favorite Linkz

Edited breedz for Petz 2

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