**I recommend this as the best way to get the files in the right place**
There are also less download errors with the .zip format

1. Download WINZIP if you don't have it--click here

2. Once installed, click on the Winzip icon to start the program

3. Click on OPEN--a window will pop up

4. Find the .zip file that you downloaded from my site. Click on it and the file name will appear in the small white text box in the window.

5. Click on OPEN--a new window will pop up

6. A directory of your hard drive will be displayed in the new window--find:

Petz 3/resource/dogz or catz if you want to install a BREED FILE
Petz 3/adopted Petz if you want to install ADULT PETZ

7. Click on the EXTRACT button--the file will unzip and go to the right place!!

**You don't need Winzip to unzip .exe files--but they are much tricker to use**
They also tend to get corrupted by free site servers

1. You need to remember the name of the folder you downloaded the .exe file into--you can make a temporary folder to make it easier--call it "mydogz" or something.

2. Download the .exe file

3. To unzip an .exe file you just need to CLICK ON it--it will unzip all by itself

4. When you click on the file a WINDOW  will pop up.

5. YOU MUST TYPE THE PATH TO THE FOLDER WHERE YOU WANT THE FILE TO GO IN THE WHITE TEXT BOX. This is the hard part!  You need to know what to type in the box. On my computer I just type C:\Petz 3\resource\dogz but I have my Petz 3 program in a different location than YOUR computer.  You need to know EXACTLY the sequence of folders that lead to where you want the file to go. It will be a long sequence of words and you must start with C:\

6. BREED FILES go to the Petz 3/resource/dogz folder
ADULT PETZ go to the Petz 3/adopted petz folder

7. Different method:  Make a temporary folder, download the file, click on the .exe file, type the name of the TEMPORARY FOLDER in the text box (for example: C:/mypetz), click on unzip, the file will unzip into the temporary folder.  Then go to FILE MANAGER.  Locate your temporary folder and DRAG the unzipped files to the correct place.

If you are having difficulty getting the new breedz to show up at the adoption center, please go to the Information Booth page on my site for tips.
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